Our classics

Will you fancy the Tropical Blue, 2CV6 Special from 1985 ?


An original colour, produced by Citroën only between 1984 and 1985... She was Thierry's first classic !

... or the Vallelunga Red, 2CV6 Special from 1982


Seen in the comic book and movie "Billy and Buddy" !


Thierry bought it from a police officer in Strasbourg, and had a toughened chassis fitted on her, to make her suitable for a long distance raid one day. But this is another story...

A leap back in time : Louise, our magnificently restored 1947 Citroën Traction 11 BL ! She was bought by Thierry from a gentleman in Lyon, who had kept her for 40 years before passing her for a new life in Alsace.




Our latest classic : a limited edition Mazda MX5 "Leather and Wood" in British Racing Green, among the 250 released in France in 2000...